Echinicola arenosa sp. nov., isolated from marine sand

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Echinicola arenosa sp. nov., isolated from marine sand
J Baek; V Weerawongwiwat; J H Kim; J H Yoon; Jung-Sook Lee; A Sukhoom; W Kim
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Archives of Microbiology, vol. 203, no. 9, pp. 5675-5681
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A novel bacterium, designated CAU 1574T, was isolated from marine sand. Cells were Gram stain negative, aerobic, gliding and rod shaped. Growth was observed at 20-37 °C (optimum, 30 °C), a pH of 5.5-10.0 (optimum, 8.0), and 0-3.0% (w/v) NaCl concentrations (optimum, 1%). Based on the results of 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses, strain CAU 1574T belonged to the genus Echinicola, and showed the highest similarity to Echinicola shivajiensis JCM 17847T (97.5%). Phylogenomic analysis based on consisting of 92 core genes extracted from the genome sequences showed that strain CAU 1574T was affiliated with species in the genus Echinicola. The average nucleotide identity (ANI), average amino acid identity (AAI), and digital DNA-DNA hybridization (dDDH) values between strain CAU 1574T and the closely related species were below the cut-off values of 95-96, 90, and 70%, respectively used for species demarcation. The chemotaxonomic data of CAU 1574T were as follows: major isoprenoid quinone, MK-7; predominant polar lipids, phosphatidylethanolamine, two unidentified aminophospholipids and two unidentified lipids; major fatty acids, iso-C15:0, summed feature 3 (C16:1 ω6c/C16:1 ω7c). The 5.4 Mb genome included 20 contigs and 4237 protein-coding genes with a 39.8 mol% G + C content. Based on the phylogenetic, phenotypic, and physiological result, strain CAU 1574T represents a novel species of this genus Echinicola, for which the name Echinicola arenosa sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is CAU 1574T (= KCTC 82410T = MCCC 1K05669T).
Echinocola arenosaCyclobacteriaceaeMarine sandWhole genomeUp-to-date bacterial core gene (UBCG)
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