Micromorphological differentiation of Korean Disporum species using light and scanning electron microscopy

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Micromorphological differentiation of Korean Disporum species using light and scanning electron microscopy
H Kim; B Choi; Changyoung Lee; S A M McAdam; Jin Hyub Paik; T S Jang
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Microscopy Research and Technique, vol. 84, no. 11, pp. 2614-2624
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The genus Disporum Salisb. is widely distributed in East Asia, yet phylogenetically relevant morphological traits useful for differentiating many of the small, perennial, herbaceous species remain poorly described. To address this, leaf, floral, pollen, and orbicule micromorphology of four Korean Disporum species was investigated using light and scanning electron microscopy. All Korean Disporum species examined had hypostomatic leaves, with anomocytic stomatal complexes found only on the abaxial epidermis. Guard cell length varied among species, ranging from 44.30 μm in D. viridescens to 53.49 μm in D. uniflorum. The epidermal cells of the investigated Disporum taxa had sinuate anticlinal cell walls on both adaxial and abaxial surfaces. The surface of the guard and subsidiary cells were either smooth with weak striations or had strongly wrinkled striations. The pollen grains of all Korean Disporum taxa were monads, monosulcate with granular aperture membranes, subprolate to prolate in shape with microreticulate or verrucate exine surfaces. The mean size of pollen grains ranged from 46.38 to 49.92 μm in polar length and from 34.39 to 39.58 μm in equatorial diameter across species. Sexine ornamentation was a taxonomically relevant trait for differentiating Korean Disporum taxa. Additionally, the presence of orbicules as well as the orbicular characters (e.g., size, shape, ornamentation, and association pattern) are described for the first time in species from this genus. The present investigation of leaf and floral micromorphology using light and scanning electron microscopy provides valuable information for the taxonomic differentiation and identification of Disporum species in Korea.
Disporum spp.Leaf and floral microstructureLight microscopyOrbicules and pollenScanningelectron microscopy
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