Description of Anaerostipes faecalis sp. nov., a new segmented filamentous bacterium isolated from swine faeces

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Description of Anaerostipes faecalis sp. nov., a new segmented filamentous bacterium isolated from swine faeces
Seung-Hyeon Choi; Ji Young Choi; Jam-Eon Park; Ji Sun Kim; Se Won KangJiyoung LeeMi Kyung LeeJung-Sook LeeJu Huck Lee; H Jung; T Y Hur; H B Kim; J H Lee; J K Kim; Y Hong; Seung Hwan Park
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Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology, vol. 114, no. 11, pp. 1867-1875
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A novel, strictly anaerobic, gram-negative, segmented filamentous bacterium strain AGMB03513T, was isolated from the faeces of a 5-month-old pig. Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene indicated that the isolate was a member of the family Lachnospiraceae, and the closest strain was Anaerostipes butyraticus. Strain AGMB03513T formed a lineage within the genus Anaerostipes and was closely related to A. butyraticus DSM 22094 T (= KCTC 15125 T, 95.8%), Anaerostipes hadrus DSM 3319 T (= KCTC 15606 T, 95.5%), Anaerostipes caccae DSM 14662 T (= KCTC 15019 T, 94.0%), and Anaerostipes rhamnosivorans DSM 26241 T (= KCTC 15316 T, 93.4%). Strain AGMB03513T grew at temperatures between 30 and 45 °C, within a pH range of 7.0-9.0, and in medium containing up to 1.5% NaCl. Cells were found to utilise D-glucose, D-mannitol, D-lactose, D-saccharose, D-maltose, D-xylose, L-arabinose, D-mannose, and D-sorbitol, and acetate was identified as the major end product of metabolism. The major components of the cellular fatty acids were C12:0, C16:0, and C18:0. In addition, the bacterium contained meso-diaminopimelic acid in the cell wall. According to the comparative analysis of the whole genome sequence, the DNA G + C content of strain AGMB03513 was 37.0 mol%. In addition, Average nucleotide identity (ANI), average amino acid identity (AAI), and digital DNA-DNA hybridisation (dDDH) values were obtained in comparisons of strain AGMB03513T with reference strains of species in the genus Anaerostipes. ANI values were found to be between 71.0 and 75.7%, AAI values between 66.6 and 73.2%, and dDDH values between 19.5 and 21.4%. All the data were below the threshold range for species determination. Based on phenotypic, phylogenetic, biochemical, chemotaxonomic, and genomic characteristics, we considered it reasonable to assign a novel species status to strain AGMB03513T, for which we propose the name Anaerostipes faecalis sp. nov. The type strain is AGMB03513T (= KCTC 25020 T = NBRC 114896 T).
Anaerostipes faecalisFaecesSegmented filamentous bacteriumSwine
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