Phylogeny and shell form evolution of the hydrothermal vent asymmetrical barnacles (Cirripedia, Thoracicalcarea, Neoverrucidae)

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Phylogeny and shell form evolution of the hydrothermal vent asymmetrical barnacles (Cirripedia, Thoracicalcarea, Neoverrucidae)
Se-Joo Kim; Won Kyung Lee; S J Ju; B K K Chan
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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, vol. 169, pp. 107391-107391
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Imbricaverruca and Neoverruca are two genera of hydrothermal vent asymmetrical barnacles in Neoverrucidae, but found in vents of the Southwest Pacific and Northwest Pacific Oceans, respectively. Imbricaverruca has a flattened operculum and the shell base with multiple whorls of imbricating plates, while Neoverruca has an inclined operculum and the shell base with fewer developed imbricating plates. It has been hypothesized that Imbricaverruca has apomorphic shell characters in Neoverrucidae. Although the monophyletic relationship of the vent barnacle members in the superfamily Neolepadoidea were confirmed based on molecular phylogeny, the relationships between Neobrachylepadidae and Neoverrucidae, and between Neoverruca and Imbricaverruca have not been determined because there are no molecular data on Imbricaverruca. In this study, we sequenced three nuclear (18S rDNA, 28S rDNA, histone 3) and one mitochondrial (CO1) genes of I. yamaguchii from the Southwest Pacific. Our phylogenetic results showed that Neobrahchylepadidae is the sister taxon to Neoverrucidae (Imbricaverruca + Neoverruca), and Imbricaverruca and Neoverruca are monophyletic sister taxa each other, which not supporting the previous hypothesis that Neoverruca is sister to the clade containing Neobrahchylepadidae and Neolepadidae. These implied that the differences in shell forms between Neoverruca and Imbricaverruca are a result of independent divergent evolution in different deep-sea basins.
NeoverrucidaeImbricaverrucaNeobrachylepadidaeNeolepadidaeNeolepadoideaShell plate evolutionPhylogeny
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