Optimization of the human colorectal carcinoma antigen GA733-2 production in tobacco plants

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Optimization of the human colorectal carcinoma antigen GA733-2 production in tobacco plants
S H Park; K Y Ji; H M Kim; S H Ma; S Y Park; J H Do; Doo-Byoung Oh; H S Kang; J S Shim; Y H Joung
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Plant Biotechnology Reports, vol. 15, pp. 55-67
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The colorectal carcinoma-associated protein GA733-2 is one of the representative candidate protein for the development of plant-derived colorectal cancer vaccine. Despite of its significant importance for colorectal vaccine development, low efficiency of GA733-2 production limits its wide applications. To improve productivity of GA733-2 in plants, we here tested multiple factors that affect expression of recombinant GA733-2 (rGA733-2) and rGA733 fused to fragment crystallizable (Fc) domain (rGA733-Fc) protein. The rGA733-2 and rGA733-Fc proteins were highly expressed when the pBINPLUS vector system was used for transient expression in tobacco plants. In addition, the length of interval between rGA733-2 and left border of T-DNA affected the expression of rGA733 protein. Transient expression analysis using various combinations of Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains (C58C1, LBA4404, and GV3101) and tobacco species (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi nc and Nicotiana benthamiana) revealed that higher accumulation of rGA733-2 and rGA733-Fc proteins were obtained by combination of A. tumefaciens LBA4404 and Nicotiana benthamiana. Transgenic plants generated by introduction of the rGA733-2 and rGA733-Fc expression cassettes also significantly accumulated corresponding recombinant proteins. Bioactivity and stability of the plant-derived rGA733 and rGA733-Fc were evaluated by further in vitro assay, western blot and N-glycosylation analysis. Collectively, we here suggest the optimal condition for efficient production of functional rGA733-2 protein in tobacco system.
Colorectal cancerGA733-2Plant-derived therapeutic proteinTransgenic plantsTransient expression
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