Influence of genetically modified soybean expressing epidermal growth factor on arthropod biodiversity

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Influence of genetically modified soybean expressing epidermal growth factor on arthropod biodiversity
M R Amin; S D Oh; M Afrose; S Y Park; D W Yun; T H Ryu; S K Lee; K Ha; E Bae; S Kang; Chang-Gi Kim; C U Eun; Y K Kim; M Kim; D Kim; D Kim; S J Suh
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GM Crops & Food, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 299-308
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The field study was undertaken to examine the potential for adverse effects of transgenic soybean expressing bioactive human epidermal growth factor (with tolerance to the herbicide glufosinate, PPT) on the abundance and diversity of plant-dwelling arthropods by comparing with those of a non-GM parental cultivar, Gwangan soybean. Field surveys of soybean fields were carried out over two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017 at Ochang and Jeonju, Korea. The number of captured individuals associated with either of EGF and Gwangan soybean plants increased in 2017 compared with 2016 in both Ochang and Jeonju. During the survey period, the diversity and richness of the occurred insects and arachnids increased, dominance decreased, and the evenness of the insects remained static. The insects of Hymenoptera Order occurred most often comprised 25.4% of total captured insect pests. On the contrary, natural enemy from Hymenoptera Order and other insects from Diptera Order occurred more frequently (29.9% and 19.0%, respectively) in both the survey regions during the study periods. The score from PROXSCAL multidimensional scaling using combined data showed that the occurrence of insects and arachnids were separated due to their cultivation regions and years, irrespective of soybean cultivars. Consequently, the results indicated that there happened no notable change in the composition of arthropod communities in soybean agroecosystem due to GM event in soybean expressing EGF.
ArthropodsBiodiversityEpidermal growth factorTransgenic soybean
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