Portable cold atmospheric plasma patch-mediated skin anti-inflammatory therapy

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Portable cold atmospheric plasma patch-mediated skin anti-inflammatory therapy
N Kim; S Lee; Soyoung Lee; J Kang; Y A Choi; J Park; C K Park; D Khang; S H Kim
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Advanced Science, vol. 9, no. 34, pp. 2202800-2202800
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Although plasma is a promising technology in various fields, its clinical application is restricted by several limitations. A cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) patch is fabricated to help overcome hurdles, especially when treating skin diseases. This patch has surface dielectric barrier discharge, which generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) on a flexible polymer film surface on which the embedded electrode induces a locally strong electric field. The effect of the CAP patch on psoriasis is also evaluated. The distinct characteristics of psoriasis between the lesion and non-lesion area allow the CAP patch to be suitable for only lesion area for its treatment. The CAP patch induces the opening of calcium channels in keratinocytes, thereby restoring abnormal keratinocyte differentiation and the collapse of the tight junction; thus, alleviating psoriatic symptoms. In addition, the favorable effect is due to the induction of ROS/RNS by the CAP patch, not the electric field generated during plasma generation. The findings indicate that the proposed portable CAP patch can help treat inflammatory skin disorders, especially psoriasis. As this can be used easily as a combination therapy with existing drugs, it may help reduce side effects caused by existing drugs.
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