Ultrarapid freezing of mouse morulae = 생쥐 상실배의 초급속동결

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Ultrarapid freezing of mouse morulae = 생쥐 상실배의 초급속동결
C S Baik; B H Suh; J H Lee; Kyung Kwang Lee
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Korean Journal of Fertility and Sterility, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 81-85
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We cryopreserved mouse morulae by a simple ultra-rapid method of freezing embryos directly in $LN_2$ after holding 2min in a $LN_2$ vapor, and thawed them in $37^{\circ}C$ water bath. The time requirements for permeation and dehydration by 2.0 M glycerol and 0.2 M sucrose before freezing were studied. When the embryos were equilibrated for 10 min, the optimun post-thaw survival was obtained. Embryos those developed normally to blastocyst after in vitro culture for over 24hrs were regarded as survival ones. Two experiments to assess post-thaw survival following predehydration in various mixtures of glycerol and sucrose were also accomplished. When sucrose was held constant (0.2 M) and glycerol concentration varied (1.5-3.5 M), post-thaw survival was best (78.0%) in 3.0 M glycerol. When glycerol was held constant (3.0M) and sucrose concentration varied (0.0-1.0M), optimun post-thaw survival (78.0%) was found in 0.2 M sucrose.
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