Caproiciproducens faecalis sp. nov., isolated from cow faeces

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Caproiciproducens faecalis sp. nov., isolated from cow faeces
Ji Young Choi; Gyeongbin Cho; Jam-Eon Park; Seung-Hyeon Choi; Ji Sun Kim; Jiyoung LeeMi Kyung LeeJung-Sook LeeJu Huck Lee; H B Kim; J H Lee; J K Kim; Se Won KangSeung Hwan Park
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Current Microbiology, vol. 80, no. 2, pp. 65-65
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The bacterial strain AGMB10547T was isolated from cow faeces deposited by the National Institute of Animal Science in Cheonan, Republic of Korea. The strain AGMB10547T possessed the phenotypic, biochemical and chemotaxonomic characteristics of the bacteria of the family Oscillospiraceae. The isolate was obligately anaerobic, non-motile, Gram-positive and rod-shaped bacteria. The growth of strain AGMB10547T occurred within 35-40 °C (optimum at 37 °C), at pH 6-7 (optimum of 7) and in the presence of 0.5-2.0% (w/v) NaCl. Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity, strain AGMB10547T belonged to the genus Caproiciproducens and was most closely related to Caproiciproducens galactitolivorans BS-1T (96.9%). The DNA G+C content was 49.0 mol%. The major cellular fatty acids (> 10%) of the isolate were C14:0, C14:0 DMA, C16:1 ω9c and C16:0. The average nucleotide identity (ANI) and digital DNA-DNA Hybridization (dDDH) values between strain AGMB10547T and C. galactitolivorans BS-1T were 75.5% and 19.2%. Based on the phenotypic, genotypic, biochemical and chemotaxonomic analyses, strain AGMB10547T represents a novel species of the genus Caproiciproducens, for which the name Caproiciproducens faecalis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain AGMB10547T (=KCTC 25200T=NBRC 115006T=GDMCC 1.2575T).
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