Polyhydroxybutyrate production from crude glycerol using a highly robust bacterial strain Halomonas sp. YLGW01

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Polyhydroxybutyrate production from crude glycerol using a highly robust bacterial strain Halomonas sp. YLGW01
B Kim; S J Oh; J H Hwang; H J Kim; N Shin; S K Bhatia; J M Jeon; J J Yoon; J Yoo; Jungoh AhnJung-Ho Park; Y H Yang
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International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, vol. 236, pp. 123997-123997
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Petrochemical-based plastics are hardly biodegradable and a major cause of environmental pollution, and polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is attracting attention as an alternative due to its similar properties. However, the cost of PHB production is high and is considered the greatest challenge for its industrialization. Here, crude glycerol was used as a carbon source for more efficient PHB production. Among the 18 strains investigated, Halomonas taeanenisis YLGW01 was selected for PHB production due to its salt tolerance and high glycerol consumption rate. Furthermore, this strain can produce poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (P(3HB-co-3 HV)) with 17 % 3 HV mol fraction when a precursor is added. PHB production was maximized through medium optimization and activated carbon treatment of crude glycerol, resulting in 10.5 g/L of PHB with 60 % PHB content in fed-batch fermentation. Physical properties of the produced PHB were analyzed, i.e., weight average molecular weight (6.8 × 105), number average molecular weight (4.4 × 105), and the polydispersity index (1.53). In the universal testing machine analysis, the extracted intracellular PHB showed a decrease in Young's modulus, an increase in Elongation at break, greater flexibility than authentic film, and decreased brittleness. This study confirmed that YLGW01 is a promising strain for industrial PHB production using crude glycerol.
Halomonas taeanensis YLGW01GlycerolCrude glycerolPolyhydroxybutyrate
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