Gymnodinialimonas phycosphaerae sp. nov., a phycosphere bacterium isolated from Karlodinium veneficum

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Gymnodinialimonas phycosphaerae sp. nov., a phycosphere bacterium isolated from Karlodinium veneficum
Yuxin Peng; L Jiang; Yue Jiang; Jiyoon Seo; Doeun Jeon; Y M Kim; Zhun LiJiyoung Lee
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International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 73, no. 5, pp. 005874-005874
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A facultative anaerobic, Gram-negative, non-motile, rod-shaped bacterial strain, designated N5T, was obtained from the phycosphere microbiota of the marine planktonic dinoflagellate, Karlodinium veneficum. Strain N5T showed growth on marine agar at 25 °C, pH 7 and 1 % (w/v) NaCl and produced a yellow colour. According to a phylogenetic study based on 16S rRNA gene sequences, strain N5T has a lineage within the genus Gymnodinialimonas. The G+C content in the genome of strain N5T is 62.9 mol% with a total length of 4 324 088 bp. The NCBI Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline revealed that the N5T genome contained 4230 protein-coding genes and 48 RNA genes, including a 5S rRNA, 16S rRNA, 23S rRNA, 42 tRNA, and three ncRNAs. Genome-based calculations (genome-to-genome distance, average nucleotide identity and DNA G+C content) clearly indicated that the isolate represents a novel species within the genus Gymnodinialimonas. The predominant fatty acids were C19 : 0 cyclo ω8c and feature 8 (comprising C18 : 1 ω6c and/or C18 : 1 ω7c). The major polar lipids were phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine. The main respiratory quinone was Q-10. Based on its phenotypic, phylogenetic, genomic and chemotaxonomic features, strain N5T represents a novel species of the genus Gymnodinialimonas, for which the name Gymnodinialimonas phycosphaerae sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is N5T (=KCTC 82362T=NBRC 114899T).
Phycosphere microbiota16S rRNA genePolyphasic taxonomyWhole-genome sequence
Microbiology Soc
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