Epigenetic activation of Tensin 4 promotes gastric cancer progression

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Epigenetic activation of Tensin 4 promotes gastric cancer progression
Haejeong Heo; Hee Jin Kim; Keeok Haam; Hyun Ahm Sohn; Yang-Ji Shin; Hanyong Go; Hyo-Jung Jung; Jong-Hwan Kim; S I Lee; K S Song; M J Kim; H Lee; Eun-Soo KwonSeon-Young Kim; Yong Sung Kim; Mirang Kim
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Molecules and Cells, vol. 46, no. 5, pp. 298-308
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Gastric cancer (GC) is a complex disease influenced by multiple genetic and epigenetic factors. Chronic inflammation caused by Helicobacter pylori infection and dietary risk factors can result in the accumulation of aberrant DNA methylation in gastric mucosa, which promotes GC development. Tensin 4 (TNS4), a member of the Tensin family of proteins, is localized to focal adhesion sites, which connect the extracellular matrix and cytoskeletal network. We identified upregulation of TNS4 in GC using quantitative reverse transcription PCR with 174 paired samples of GC tumors and adjacent normal tissues. Transcriptional activation of TNS4 occurred even during the early stage of tumor development. TNS4 depletion in GC cell lines that expressed high to moderate levels of TNS4, i.e., SNU-601, KATO III, and MKN74, reduced cell proliferation and migration, whereas ectopic expression of TNS4 in those lines that expressed lower levels of TNS4, i.e., SNU-638, MKN1, and MKN45 increased colony formation and cell migration. The promoter region of TNS4 was hypomethylated in GC cell lines that showed upregulation of TNS4. We also found a significant negative correlation between TNS4 expression and CpG methylation in 250 GC tumors based on The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data. This study elucidates the epigenetic mechanism of TNS4 activation and functional roles of TNS4 in GC development and progression and suggests a possible approach for future GC treatments.
Cell migrationCell proliferationDNA methylationGastric cancerTNS4
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