A study on transplantation and maintenance of tumor cells in laboratory animals = 실험동물을 이용한 종양세포의 이식 및 유지에 관한 연구

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A study on transplantation and maintenance of tumor cells in laboratory animals = 실험동물을 이용한 종양세포의 이식 및 유지에 관한 연구
Won Yong Kim; Chul-Joon Kim; Yong Joon Kim; Byung Hwa Hyun; Jae Yoon Choi
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Korean Journal of Veterinary Public Health, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 79-86
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Genetically enginerred bioproducts including anti -cancer drugs should be examined in the aspect of the efficacy and safety evaluation before the practical use. In worldwide, efficacy evaluation could be done using the tumor cell lines with the advantage of easy evaluation of the results. Tumor cell lines originated from tumor cell in human and animal were passaged through in vitro system. However, freezed cell lines should be used after several passages through laboratory animals. Therefore, mutation, microbial contamination and discrimination by the immune cells always make it difficult to maintain the cell lines. We have used five typical tumor cell lines which could be used for the efficacy evaluation of genetically engineered bioproducts and nine laboratory animal strains which have been maintained from 1987 in our laboratory. In this study, we would pursue the most efficient condition to maintain the tumor cell lines in vivo and to prolong the maintenance period. We establised the cell culture and storage technique in freezing condition with more than 90% viability in vitro. The minimum number of cells which could induce the tumor formation was 101' cells/ O.lml/head. The more concentration of tumor cells was inoculated, the more the cells were multiplied and the shorter maintained. All the tumor cell lines except P388D)could be maintained in dif、 ferent strains through the various injection routes. The developed techniques about maintenance and storage of tumor cell lines using laboratory animals in this study could be applied for the efficacy evaluation of genetically engineered bioproducts. It could also contribute to maximize the efficiency and economics by increasing the maintenance period of tumor cell lines in vivo.
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