Assembly of marginal band of microtubules in the immunocyte of Blattella germanica

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Assembly of marginal band of microtubules in the immunocyte of Blattella germanica
Sung Sik Han; In Cheon Hwang; Ho Yong Park; In Sun Kim
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Molecules and Cells, vol. 4, pp. 119-124
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Structure of marginal band (MB) of microtubules and their assembly process within immunocy-tes of Blattella germanica have been investigated via transmission electron microscopy, lytic medium treatment, and immunofluorescency. Of particular interest is the lytic medium treatment that produces a remarkable result for the features of MB. Formation of MB be였ns with two microtubule bundles originated in a microtubule organizing center (MTOC). Each bundle grows in an opposite direction drawing more or less of a circle in outline. Their growth continues until each bundle comes back to the starting point at MTOC, hence establishing two circular bundles upon completion. Comparison of a number of microtubules at different stages also supports this scheme. Microtubules in a bundle have increased approximately double in number beyond the overlapping point. This report on the process of MB formation is a followup to that revealing their presence in 公. germanica.
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