Streptomyces griseoplanus SL20209에 의한 aminopeptidase M 저해제의 생산 조건

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Streptomyces griseoplanus SL20209에 의한 aminopeptidase M 저해제의 생산 조건
Hack Ryong Ko; Hyo Kon Chun; Nack-Kie Sung; Yung Hee Kho
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Korean Journal of (Applied) Microbiology & Biotechnology, vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 336-343
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Maximum amount of the aminopeptidase M inhibitors produced by Streptomyces griseoplanus SL20209 in 500 ml-Erlenmeyer flask was accumulated after cultivation for 3 days at 28°C, thereafter the amount of inhibitors decreased slowly with a pH change to alkaline. Arabinose, xylose, mannose and soluble starch were good carbon sources for the production of the inhibitors. On the other hand, glucose was only good for the cell growth but potently inhibited the production of inhibitors. Natural organic nitrogen sources such as soybean meal, fish meal, gluten meal and peanut powder were good for the production of inhibitors, however, spytone, peptone and inorganic nitrogens such as NH4Cl and NH4NO3 were poor. Inclusion of yeast extract (0.5%, w/v) or K2HPO4 (0.05%) into the production medium increased the production of inhibitors by accelerating cell growth. The production of inhibitors was slightly increased on the medium containing CaCO3 (0.3%) and zeolite (0.5%), respectively. Optimal temperature and initial pH range for the production of inhibitors were determined to be 28°C and 6.0∼7.0, respectively. Employing two improved production media consisting of 3% arabinose or soluble starch, 2.5% soybean meal, 0.5% yeast extract, 0.05% K2HPO4, 0.1% CaCO3 and 0.3% zeolite (pH 6.8), 1.8-fold increase in the amount of inhibitors was-achieved, comparing with the basal medium used.
aminopeptidase M inhibitorsfermentationsoybean mealstreptomyces griseoplanus SL20209
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