Construction of a database for new bioactive compounds and development of search systems

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Construction of a database for new bioactive compounds and development of search systems
Kie Jung Park; Yong Ha Park
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Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 54-59
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In the research and development of bioactive compounds, determining whether a compound is novel is necessary at almost every stage. Fast and efficient determination can save money, time and effort, and thereby increase efficiency. Analysis and investigation of empirical results for previously determined compounds is also important in such research. The need to communicate research findings between workers is necessary. In effect, a systematic, centralized communication medium is required. Therefore, we have developed and constructed our own database and search systems. We have developed a search system on DOS and constructed a source file for our own database. To support multiple users, we have developed another specific and comprehensive search system, including powerful searching and output management features. The system has been developed to be simple and user-friendly, using the curses library of UNIX, while still allowing complicated queries to be performed easily with simple full-screen facilities. This UNIX version will be available for use by researchers on a computer network and is expected to make numerous contributions to basic research in universities. It will also have direct applications for institutes and industry.
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