Data activities on biotechnology in Korean collection for type cultures (KCTC)

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dc.contributor.authorYong Ha Park-
dc.contributor.authorKie Jung Park-
dc.contributor.authorHye-Sook Min-
dc.contributor.authorSeung Moak Kim-
dc.contributor.authorYung Hee Kho-
dc.description.abstractWe have cloned an immunoglobulin gene which encodes the heavy chain of a murine monoclonal antibody (mAb) (y2b, k) specific for the pre-S2 surface antigen of HBV from H8 hybridoma cell line. The genomic library, harbored in X EMBL3 and constructed from the H8 cells, was screened in parallel with the variable region of heavy chain-specific cDNA coding for the H8 mAb and the Ig heavy chain gene intron enhancer-specific oligonucleotide used as probes. One (X6-1) out of 200,000 plaques gave positive hybridization signal with both probes. Southern analysis of the positive clone revealed that a 6.6-kb Ec公R1 fragment carries a functionally rearranged heavy chain variable region (VH) gene and the Ig heavy chain gene intron enhancer. The nucleotide sequence analysis showed that the gene contains a functionally rearranged VH gene and the transcriptional elements required for B cell-specific expression. The Vh gene fused with human Cyl gene was expressed in murine myeloma cells, and directed the synthesis of the heavy chain mRNA,-
dc.titleData activities on biotechnology in Korean collection for type cultures (KCTC)-
dc.title.alternativeData activities on biotechnology in Korean collection for type cultures (KCTC)-
dc.citation.titleCodata Bulletin-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorYong Ha Park-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorKie Jung Park-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorSeung Moak Kim-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorYung Hee Kho-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationCodata Bulletin, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 21-22-
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