Cloning of two chitin synthase gene fragments from Penicillium diversum = Penicillium diversum으로부터 두 chitin synthase 유전자 절편의 분리

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dc.contributor.authorDong-Hun Lee-
dc.contributor.authorKyung Sook Bae-
dc.contributor.authorHee-Moon Park-
dc.contributor.authorPil-Jae Maeng-
dc.description.abstractThe PCR fragments of two distinct chitin synthase genes, PdCHSl and PdCHS2, were cloned from Penicillium diversum KCTC 6786. The nucleotide sequences of PdCHSl and PdCHS2 contained uninterrupted open reading frames (ORFs) of 570 bp excluding the primer sequence. The similarity analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences using BLASTP indicated that the possible evolutionary relationship between P. diversum and ascomycetous fungi. Multialignment of the deduced amino acid sequences of PdCHSs using CLASTAL W revealed that the PdCHSs fell into two different classes: PdCHSl into Class I and PdCHS2 into Class II of chitin synthase defined by Bowen et al. (1992). By Southern blot analysis, it was shown that each of the two genes is present as a single copy in the genome of P. diversum KCTC 6786.-
dc.publisherKorea Soc-Assoc-Inst-
dc.titleCloning of two chitin synthase gene fragments from Penicillium diversum = Penicillium diversum으로부터 두 chitin synthase 유전자 절편의 분리-
dc.title.alternativeCloning of two chitin synthase gene fragments from Penicillium diversum-
dc.citation.titleKorean Journal of Mycology-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorDong-Hun Lee-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorKyung Sook Bae-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKorean Journal of Mycology, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 167-175-
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dc.subject.localChitin synthase genes-
dc.subject.localchitin synthase gene-
dc.subject.localChitin synthase gene-
dc.subject.localPCR cloning-
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