Anti-tumor effect of the complex of acriflavine and guanosine(AG60) = Acriflavine과 Guanosine 복합체(AG60)의 항암효과

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Anti-tumor effect of the complex of acriflavine and guanosine(AG60) = Acriflavine과 Guanosine 복합체(AG60)의 항암효과
Eun-Kyung Hong; Hwan Mook Kim; Kyung-Yung Lee; Young-Shin Chung; Bo-Im Yoo; Sang Geon Kim; E-Tay Ahn; Young-Bok Han
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Journal of Korean Cancer Association, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 29-37
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PURPOSE: The anti-tumor effect of the complex of acriflavine and guanosine (AG60) was investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In vitro cytotoxicity of AG60 was measured using SRB assay, and in vivo antitumor activity of AG60 was examined in CDF1 mice intraperitoneally inoculated with the P388 leukemic cells and in ICR mice inguinally implanted with S-180 cells. Tumor size and mean survival time were determined. RESULTS: AG60 and acriflavine showed strong anti-tumor effect in vitro on lung cancer (A549), renal cancer (UO-31) and colon cancer (COLO205) cells. However, AG60 did not show the cytotoxicity against normal cell line, 3T3. The range of the IC50 of AG60 to the various tumor cell lines was 0.09 microgram/ml through 1.94 microgram/ml. The treatment of ascitic tumor bearing CDF1 mice with AG60 resulted in over 160% increases in the mean survival time. The most effective dose of AG60 was 30 mg/kg body weight in tumor implanted mice. In solid tumor bearing ICR mice tumor growth and progression were suppressed in response to the different doses at 30 days; 69.8% suppression of tumor size in response to acriflavine, 16.0% to guanosine, 87.7% to AG60 and 78.5% to doxorubicin. In addition, 35% increases were observed in the means survival time of AG60 treated group compared with control group. CONCLUSION: The prominant anti-tumor effects of AG60 shown in this report would represent the possibility of the clinical trials.
AcriflavineGuanosineCytotoxicityTumor growth inhibition
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