Establishment and characterization of cell lines constitutively expressing hepatitis B virus X-protein

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Establishment and characterization of cell lines constitutively expressing hepatitis B virus X-protein
Young Ik Lee; Yong Sik Bong; Ha Ryoung Poo; Yoon Ik Lee; Jong Gu Park; Su One Oh; Mi Jin Sohn; Sook lee; Ui Sun Park; Nam Soon Kim; Sang Won Hyun
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Gene, vol. 207, pp. 111-118
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We prepared human hepatoma cell lines, which expressed the human hepatitis B virus-X gene product. The plasmid pMAMneo-X, containing an HBV-X gene promoter, an enhancer and a structural gene was constructed. Transfected HBV-X gene integration and expression were detected by Southern and Northern blotting, as well as by chloramphenicol acetylase transferase (CAT) assay using various kinds of promoter-CAT reporter systems. HBV-X protein expression in stable transfectants was confirmed by immunofluorescence microscopy. Transfected cell lines showed permanent expression of HBV-X proteins. The HBV-X transfectant activated its target promoters in promoter-CAT constructs as reporters. The HBV-X transfectant enhanced AP-1 transcription factor binding to its target DNA. Therefore, X-transfectants are not only stable, but also have specific biological functions. Cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry showed that the majority of the transfectant cells are arrested in the G1 or G2 phase of the cell cycle. These cell lines may be useful in analyzing the biological functions of HBV-X and its functional role in the formation of hepatocellular carcinomas.
Hepatitis B virus-X proteinHepatoma cell lineStable transfectantDNA-binding activityCell cycle analysisHepatocellular carcinoma
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