Asian Information Network for Microbial Research

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Asian Information Network for Microbial Research
Junko Shimura; Yoshihiro Ichiyana; Ken-ichiro Suzuki; Juncai Ma; Peijin Zhouz; Yong Ha Park; Coy-Choke Ho; Been Hen Nga; Endang S Rahayu; P C Sanchez; V Arunpairojana; Mikiya Hiroki; Makoto M Watanabe; Takashi Nakase
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Wfcc Newsletter, no. 28, pp. 15-18
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Culture collections of 8 countries in Asia(Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines Indonesia and Japan) are establishing a network (Asia Network on Mricrobial Researches, ANMR) which honors the requirment of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and build a networked information system to facilitate the sustainable usw and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources and technologies. Inventory information for newly islated microbial strains are available at the central server located at Japan Collection of Mricroorganism at RIKEN in Japan. The strain information in the inventory is hyper-linked to taxonomic information on a project-wide taxnomic characterization database stored on distributed servers at culture collections in each country. A CD-ROM version contains the annual inventory of strains as a static edition to authemticate their origin. It also contains a starter kit software. This assists participating culture collections in building their own WWW servers, thus serving both to decentralize tasks and to develop indepandent bioinformatics capabililties in each country.
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