Cytological study of pollen tube growth and early seed development in Petunia inflata

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Cytological study of pollen tube growth and early seed development in Petunia inflata
Hyun Sook Pai Lee; C Mariani; Teh Hui Kao
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Journal of Plant Biology, vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 212-219
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Pollen tube growth from the stigma into the ovule, and the early fruit and seed development following fertilization were examined using fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy inPetunia inflata. After growing intercellularly in the transmitting tract for 24?36 hr, the pollen tubes emerged into the top part of the ovary cavity and grew along the surface of the septum to reach the ovule. It grew around the furnicle and penetrated the micropyle to enter the embryo sac for fertilization. After fertilization, the endosperm nucleus divided first before the embryo, and the cell wall formation occurred following the division, exhibiting the pattern of cellular type of endosperm development. The first division of the zygote did not occur until 3 days after pollination. At 6 days after pollination, the seeds grew considerably and the endosperm has gone through multiple rounds of cell division. High starch formation in the integument, especially around the embryo sac, was also observed.
pollen tube growthPetunia inflataseed developmentlongitudinal section of ovarymicroscopy
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