Antioxidants isolated from Kalopanax pictus = 엄나무 유래 신규 항산화 활성물질

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Antioxidants isolated from Kalopanax pictus = 엄나무 유래 신규 항산화 활성물질
Young Hee Kim; Jong Pyung Kim; Bong Sik Yun; Surk Sik Moon; Ick Dong Yoo
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Korean Journal of Plant Resources, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 89-89
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Screening of new antioxidants from oriental medicines resulted in the isolation of a new antioxidative compound and eight known compounds from the stem bark of Kalopanax pictus. On the basis of various spectrosopic studies, the structure of the new compound was determined to be 4-rhamnose-3,5- dimethoxybenzoic acid methyl ester. Other known compounds were identified as ferulic acid, 4,5,6,-trihydroxyflavanone, 2' ,4' ,4" -trihydroxychalcone, caffeic acid, coniferyl alcohol, syringin, 1,3-di-O-caffeoylquinic acid. These compounds showed lipid peroxidation inhibitory activity in rat liver microsomes and free radical scavenging activity.
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