Pronuclear location before the first cell division determines ploidy of polyspermic pig embryos

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Pronuclear location before the first cell division determines ploidy of polyspermic pig embryos
Yong Mahn Han; Wei-Hua Wang; Lalantha R Abeydeera; Anissa L Petersen; Jae Hwan Kim; Clifton Murphy; Billy N Day; Randall S Prather
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Biology of Reproduction, vol. 61, no. 5, pp. 1340-1346
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Polyspermy occurs frequently in the fertilization of mammalian eggs, but little is known about whether polyspermic eggs have developmental ability in vitro or in vivo. We previously reported that poly-pronuclear (PPN; 3 or more pronuclei) pig eggs developed normally to the blastocyst stage despite having fewer inner cell mass cell numbers as compared to blastocysts derived from two-pronuclear (2PN) eggs. Here it is shown that most PPN pig eggs have abnormal cleavage patterns (having 3 or more cells) in the first cell division and retarded development of pronuclei prior to syngamy as compared to 2PN eggs. Most blastocysts (14 of 18) that developed from PPN eggs showed abnormal ploidy (were haploid, triploid, and tetraploid) whereas 20 of 22 blastocysts derived from 2PN embryos were diploid. The size and morphology of most Day 40 fetuses that developed from PPN eggs appeared to be normal. of 8 Day 40 fetuses analyzed, 1 was triploid (XXY) and another was a mosaic with both diploid (XX) and tetraploid cells (frequency of less than 10%, XXXX), and the others were diploid. Anomalies of chromosomal composition were not detected in these fetuses. Five live piglets and one dead piglet were born from two recipients of PPN eggs. It is proposed that not all pronuclei of PPN pig eggs participate in syngamy, resulting in diploid cells in the conceptus. Our data suggest that there are two types of pronuclei location in polyspermic pig eggs and that the resulting ploidy is determined at the zygote stage before the first cell division according to pronuclear location.
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