5-methylmellein and nectriapyrone, two new monoamine oxidase inhibitors

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5-methylmellein and nectriapyrone, two new monoamine oxidase inhibitors
In Kyoung Lee; Bong Sik Yun; Sei Kwan Oh; Young Ho Kim; Myung Koo Lee; Ick Dong Yoo
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Medical Science Research, vol. 27, pp. 463-465
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In the course of screening for monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors among microbial metabolites, we found that unidentified fungal strain 8082 produced 5-methylmellein, which slows potent inhibitory activity against mouse brain MAO. Although, 5-methylmellein has been previously isolated as a phytotoxin, its MAO inhibitory activity has not hitherto been reported. During the purification of 5-methylmellein, we also isolated nectriapyrone as a minor component. Nectriapyrone has not been previously reported as MAO inhibitor either. We describe the inhibitory activities of 5-methylmellein and nectriapyrone on MAO. 5-Methylmellein and nectriapyrone inhibited MAO in a dose-dependent manner and their IC50 values were 1.06 and 8.9 μM respectively.
fungi5-methylmelleinmonoamine oxidase nectriapyronephytotoxin
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