Differential expression of four sweet potato peroxidase genes in response to abscisic acid and ethephon

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Differential expression of four sweet potato peroxidase genes in response to abscisic acid and ethephon
Kee Yeun Kim; H K Kwon; Suk Yoon Kwon; Heang Soon Lee; Y K Hur; J W Bang; K S Choi; Sang Soo Kwak
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Phytochemistry, vol. 54, no. 1, pp. 19-22
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Expression of four peroxidase (POD) genes, three anionic PODs (swpa1, swpa2 and swpa3), and one neutral POD (swpn1) isolated from suspension cultures of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) were analyzed by measuring the accumulation of transcripts in suspension cultured cells and leaves of sweet potato in response to the stress-related plant hormones abscisic acid (ABA) and ethephon (an ethylene generating chemical). The four genes responded differently to ABA (0.1 mM) and ethephon (0.1 mM) in cultured cells and leaves. In suspension cultures, ABA reduced the expression levels of swpa1, swpa2, and swpn1, but did not affect the level of swpa3. Ethephon strongly increased expression levels of swpa3 and swpn1, and slightly increased the level of swpa1. The expression level of swpa2 was reduced. Expression levels in intact leaves, however, were significantly changed by this treatment. Expression of the swpa1 and swpa2 genes was induced 15 min after ABA treatment, followed by a decrease to a basal level after 3 h. A strong re- expression occurred after 12 h. Expression of the swpa3 and swpn1 genes occurred from 3 to 24 h after treatment. All four genes were differentially expressed 12 h after ethephon treatment. The swpa2 gene was strongly expressed immediately after ethephon treatment. The results indicate that each POD gene is differentially regulated by ABA and ethylene in whole plants and in cultured cells in vitro.
ipomoea batatasconvolvulaceaeperoxidaseabscisic acidethephongene expression
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