Genomic DNA analyses of spontaneous hepatocellular carcinomas in LEC rat liver using a new technique

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Genomic DNA analyses of spontaneous hepatocellular carcinomas in LEC rat liver using a new technique
Hisaki Nagai; Toshihiro Sugiyama; Hirohide Yoshikawa; Yong Sung Kim; Sang Yeob Yeo; Noboru Konishi; Kenichi Matsubara
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Oncology Reports, vol. 7, pp. 315-318
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An inbred rat strain, LEG (Long Evans Cinnamon) has been used as a model of human Wilson's disease. This animal suffers from a severe type of hepatitis, the clinical manifestations of which are similar to human fulminant hepatitis for 4-5 months which is caused by accumulation of copper in the liver. The surviving rats develop chronic hepatitis, followed by the development of spontaneous hepatoma. In contrast to studies with hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs), the studies have great advantages in that the animals have identical genetic background, can be raised under a fixed condition, and the development of HCC is reproducible. We took two HCC samples and analysed their genomic DNA using RLGS (Restriction Landmark Genomic Scanning), which involves two-dimensional electrophoresis of genomic DNA allowing the survey of some 1,000 NotI sites throughout the genome. Using this technique, we discovered landmark spots that were either decreased or increased in intensity in HCC and compared them with the RLGS profile obtained from the DNA of control normal LEG rat liver. Approximately 1,300 spots were compared, and the intensity of two spots was found to be decreased about half and one was increased 1.3-1.7 folds. Although the mechanism of these changes and the properties of the changed DNA are yet to be studied, recurrent genomic changes in the LEG rat HCC could prove to be a good model system for elucidating the essential genetic events in association with hepatocarcinogenesis.
genomic DNA aberrationhepatocellular carcinomaLEC ratrestriction landmark genomic scanning
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