Effects of mixing on fed-batch fermentation of L-ornithine

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Effects of mixing on fed-batch fermentation of L-ornithine
Hong Weon Lee; Sun Jun Yoon; Hyung Wook Jang; Chun Sug Kim; Tae Hyo Kim; Wuk Sang Ryu; Joon Ki Jung; Young Hoon Park
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Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, vol. 89, no. 6, pp. 539-544
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The effects of mixing on L-ornithine fermentation were studied using an L-arginine auxotrophic mutant of Brevibacterium ketoglutamicum ATCC 21092. Three different modes of fed-batch culture using two different impeller types were studied in a 7 l fermentor. The first two modes of fed-batch culture were carried out in a fermentor equipped with six-flat-blade disk-turbine impellers with top and bottom feeding. The third mode of fed batch culture was carried out using pitched-six-flat-blade disk-turbine impellers with top feeding. The titre of L-ornithine increased up to 1.8 fold with bottom- feeding or when the pitched-six-flat-blade disk-turbine impellers were used compared to when the six-flat-blade disk-turbine impellers with top-feeding were used. It was observed that the mixing time of the limiting nutrients varied significantly depending on both the direction of feeding and the impeller type. Since the profiles of the specific rates of CO2 evolution, oxygen and glucose uptakes were very similar for the three culture modes, it could be reasonably assumed that the microorganism exhibited similar growth rates for each mode used. However, different amino acid producing activities were observed in the three culture modes. From these results it is concluded that the productivity of L-ornithine fermentation is significantly improved by shortening the mixing time of the limiting nutrient in the fermentor.
L-ornithinefed-batch fermentationmixing effectscale-up
Soc Bioscience Bioengineering Japan
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