CHRK1, a chitinase-related receptor-like kinase in tobacco

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CHRK1, a chitinase-related receptor-like kinase in tobacco
Youn Sung Kim; Jeong Hee Lee; Gyeong Mee Yoon; Hye Sun Cho; Seong Whan Park; Mi Chung Suh; Do Il Choi; Hyun Jung Ha; Jang Ryol Liu; Hyun Sook Pai
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Plant Physiology, vol. 123, no. 3, pp. 905-915
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A cDNA encoding a chitinase-related receptor-like kinase, designated CHRK1, was isolated from tobacco(Nicotiana tabacum). The C-terminal kinase domain (KD) of CHRK1 contained all of the conserved amino acids of serine/threonine protein kinases. The putative extracellular domain was closely related to the class V chitinase of tobacco and to microbial chitinases. CHRK1 mRNA accumulation was strongly stimulated by infection with fungal pathogen and tobacco mosaic virus. Amino acid-sequence analysis revealed that the chitinase-like domain of CHRK1 lacked the essential glutamic acid residue required for chitinase activity. The recombinant chitinase-like domain did not show any catalytic activity for either oligomeric or polymeric chitin substrates. The recombinant KD of CHRK1 exhibited autophosphorylation, but the mutant KD with a mutation in the essential ATP-binding site did not, suggesting that CHRK1 encoded a functional kinase. CHRK1 was detected in membrane fractions of tobacco BY2 cells. Furthermore, CHRKI-GFP fusion protein was localized in plasma membranes when it was expressed in animal cells. This is the first report of a new type of receptor-like kinase containing a chitinase-like sequence in the putative extracellular domain.
Amer Soc Plant Biologists
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