Expression of sfp gene and hydrocarbon degradation by Bacillus subtilis

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Expression of sfp gene and hydrocarbon degradation by Bacillus subtilis
Hee Sik Kim; Seong Bin Kim; Seung Hwan Park; Hee Mock Oh; Yong Il Park; Chi Kyung Kim; Tohoru Katsuragi; Yoshiki Tani; Byung Dae Yoon
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Biotechnology Letters, vol. 22, no. 18, pp. 1431-1436
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Bacillus subtilis C9 produces a lipopeptide-type biosurfactant, surfactin, and rapidly degrades alkanes up to a chain length of C19. The nucleotide sequence of the sfp gene cloned from B. subtilis C9 was determined and its deduced amino acid sequence showed 100% homology with the sfp gene reported before [Nakano et al. (1992) Mol. Gen. Genet. 232: 313-321]. To transform a non-surfactin producer, B. subtilis 168, to a surfactin producer, the sfp gene cloned from B. subtilis C9 was expressed in B. subtilis 168. The transformed B. subtilis SB103 derivative of the strain 168 was shown to produce surfactin measured by its decrease in surface tension, emulsification activity, and TLC analysis of the surface active compound isolated from the culture broth. Like B. subtilis C9, B. subtilis SB103 containing sfp gene readily degraded aliphatic hydrocarbons (C10-19), though its original strain did not. The addition of surfactin (0.5%, w/v) to the culture of B. subtilis 168 significantly stimulated the biodegradation of hydrocarbons of the chain lengths of 10-19; over 98% of the hydrocarbons tested were degraded within 24 h of incubation. These results indicate that the lipopeptide-type biosurfactant, surfactin produced from B. subtilis enhances the bioavailability of hydrophobic hydrocarbons.
Bacillus subtilisDNAsfp gene
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