Sequence analysis of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle = 한우의 β-lactoglobulin 유전자 발현조절부위의 염기서열 분석

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dc.description.abstractThis study was analyzed by PCR technique with specific primers in order to investigate the characterizations of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle. This study confirmed amplified product of 776bp fragments obtained from the amplification of β-lactoglobulin promoter from genomic DNA using PCR in Korean cattle. The nucleotide sequence of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle as compared with bovine β-lactoglobulin(β-LG) (Lorraine et al., 1997) was different in eight nucleotides and showed high homology as about 98.9%. Also, the transcriptional factors of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle could be confirmed that existed at the same position of bovine β-lactoglobulin promoter by reported study such as AP-2(activator protein-2), NF-1(nuclear factor-1), MGF(mammary gland factor) and MPBF(milk protein binding factor). But we confirmed that Korean cattle as different from Holstein, substituted C→T at -362bp of NF-1 and -204bp of MPBF. As a consequence, The sequences of β-LG promotor was showed a high homology between Korean cattle and Holstein. Furthermore, we should be studied that relationships between the control of gene expression and nucleotide sequences of transcription factor NF-1 and MPBF in Korean cattle and Holstein. (Key words : Korean cattle, β-lactoglobulin promotor, PCR, Transcription factors)-
dc.publisherSouth Korea-
dc.titleSequence analysis of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle = 한우의 β-lactoglobulin 유전자 발현조절부위의 염기서열 분석-
dc.title.alternativeSequence analysis of β-lactoglobulin promoter in Korean cattle-
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJournal of Animal Science and Technology, vol. 42, no. 4, pp. 443-450-
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