Production of compactin from Penicillium sp. Y-8515 = Penicillium sp. Y-8515에 의한 compactin 생산

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dc.contributor.authorJoo Woong Park-
dc.contributor.authorJoo Kyung Lee-
dc.contributor.authorTae Jong Kwon-
dc.contributor.authorYong Il Park-
dc.contributor.authorSang Mo Kang-
dc.description.abstractEnvironmental Bioresources Lab., KRIBB, Yusong, Taejon 305-333, Korea -A strain producing high levels of compactin was isolated from soil and identified as Penicillium sp. Y-8515 based on the morphological characteristics and ribosomal RNA sequence analysis. Optimization of several different carbon and nitrogen sources for the effective production of compactin was performed resulting in the medium compositions containing 5%(w/v) glucose, 1.0% soybean meal, 0.5% yeast extract, 0.5% (NH4)2SO4, 0.25% NaH2PO4, 0.25% CaCO3. The fixed concentration of glucose (5%, w/v) and relatively lower concentrations (less than 2.5%, w/v) of soybean meal stimulated the transformation of the growth morphology from filamentous to pellet form. Comparing to that by filamentous form, the production of compactin by pellet form increased up to 1.5 folds. In a fed-batch fermentation, continuous feeding of the mixture of glucose and nitrogen source at the ratio of 10:1 showed 3.5-fold more production yield of compactin comparing to the batch mode.-
dc.publisherSouth Korea-
dc.titleProduction of compactin from Penicillium sp. Y-8515 = Penicillium sp. Y-8515에 의한 compactin 생산-
dc.title.alternativeProduction of compactin from Penicillium sp. Y-8515-
dc.citation.titleKorean Journal of (Applied) Microbiology & Biotechnology-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKorean Journal of (Applied) Microbiology & Biotechnology, vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 291-297-
dc.subject.keywordPenicillium sp. Y-8515-
dc.subject.keywordcompactin production-
dc.subject.keywordfed-batch fermentation-
dc.subject.localPenicillium sp. Y-8515-
dc.subject.localcompactin production-
dc.subject.localfed-batch fermentation-
dc.subject.localFed-batch fermentation-
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