Inhibition of fat storing cell proliferation by a monomeric arginase derived from perfused rat liver

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Inhibition of fat storing cell proliferation by a monomeric arginase derived from perfused rat liver
Ki Yong Kim; In Pyo Choi; Soung Soo Kim
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BMB Reports, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 213-220
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A fulminant hepatitis is associated with massive liver cell necrosis and a high mortality rate. But survivors regenerate a normal liver and do not have chronic liver disease. This clinical course suggests that the acutely injured livers release a factor that allows a recovery from chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis. The objective of this study was to isolate and characterize an anti-fibrotic factor from acutely damaged rat livers. The liver cell necrosis was prepared from rat by warm ischemical perfusion and the perfusates were assessed against the growth inhibition of fat-storing cells (FSC). A liver-derived growth inhibitory factor (LDGIF) was purified from ischemically damaged rat livers by chromatographies on Sephacryl S-300, CM Sepharose, hydroxyapatite, and Superose 12. The LDGIF was isolated with an overall purification of 194-fold and 40% recovery. Although LDGIF was identified as the rat liver arginase by N-terminal sequence analysis, LDGIF exists as a monomer and the purified native arginase has a trimer form. Furthermore, LDGIF has a lower enzyme activity on the hydrolysis of L-arginine and a higher inhibitory effect on proliferation of FSC than the normal rat liver arginase. The catalytic activity of LDGIF is ascribed to the monomeric characteristics of the LDGIF. Therefore, the inhibitory action of LDGIF might not be due to the arginine depletion by the catalytic activity of arginase. In conclusion, the presence of the LDGIF could interpret the clinical course that serious fibrosis is not found in the liver of patients recovering from severe hepatic necrosis due to fulminant hepatitis, suggesting that this LDGIF may provide a novel target for the prevention and treatment of hepatic fibrosis.
fat-storing cellsfulminant hepatitisliver perfusatesmonomeric arginase
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