A novel epigenetic control operating on Vme1 locus leads to variegated monoallelic expression

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A novel epigenetic control operating on Vme1 locus leads to variegated monoallelic expression
Sang Kyun Jeong; Young Jae Lee; Jae Seon Jang; Chang Won Park; Jae Hoon Chung; Je Kyung Seong; Kyung Kwang Lee; Dae Yeul Yu
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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol. 279, no. 3, pp. 884-890
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Vme1, located near an imprinted region containing Peg1/Mest, Copg2, and Mit1/Lb9 on mouse chromosome 6, was identified and characterized to be under novel epigenetic regulations mediating nonimprinted monoallelic expression. The gene was transcribed independently from at least four promoters and alternatively spliced. Variable expression of the gene was found among individuals and was not affected by genetic backgrounds, in contrast to a relatively consistent expression of unlinked Peg3 under different genetic backgrounds. Monoallelic expression of the gene was confirmed in several tissues of hybrid F1s between a domesticus and a molossinus subspecies. The nature of monoallelic expression was different from those of its neighboring genes with respect to the allelic preference for the expression. The observed variable expression and monoallelic expression propose a mechanism that operates to variegate the Vine1 transcription acting asynchronously on parental alleles. In addition, we observed that some biallelically expressed tissues exhibited allele-specific splicing such that expression from one parental allele yields elongated splice variants, whereas the other allele is spliced into a short version. This unusual finding suggests that an epigenotype of the promoter can determine the splicing fate of the transcript.
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