Direct colorimetric assay of microcystin using protein phosphatase

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Direct colorimetric assay of microcystin using protein phosphatase
Hee Mock Oh; Seog June Lee; Jee Hwan kim; Chan Sun Park; Byung Dae Yoon
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Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 418-421
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A new direct colorimetric assay of microcystin in water and algal samples is proposed consisting of two procedures as follows: 1) the elimination of phosphorus in the sample and concentration of microcystin using a C18 cartridge, 2) the detection of the released phosphorus by the ascorbic acid method and determination of protein phosphatase (PP) inhibition by microcystin. The optimum amounts of phosphorylase α and PP-1 in 50 μL concentrated sample were 50 μg/50 μL buffer and 1.0 unit/50 μL buffer, respectively, for the best assay. The pH for the maximum activity of PP-1 was 8. The minimum detectable concentration for this method was about 0.02 μ/L, which is sufficient to meet the proposed guideline level of 1 μg microcystin/L in drinking water. Consequently, it would seem that the proposed direct colorimetric assay using PP is a rapid, easy, and convenient method for the detection of microcystin in water and algal samples.
ascorbic acid methoddirect colorimetric assaymicrocystinprotein phosphatase inhibition
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