Fermentation patterns of leek Kimchi and chinese cabbage Kimchi = 부추김치와 배추김치 발효양상

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Fermentation patterns of leek Kimchi and chinese cabbage Kimchi = 부추김치와 배추김치 발효양상
Soon Cheol Ahn; Tae Kang Kim; Hun Joo Lee; Yun Jung Oh; Jung Sook Lee; Dae Ook Kang; Won Keun Oh; Tae Ick MheenJong Seog Ahn
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Korean Journal of Microbiology, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 234-238
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For the comparison of fermentation pattern of leek kimci with chinese cabbage kimchi, the changes of total viable cell number, Leuconostoc sp. bacteria, Lactobacillus sp. bacteria, pH and total sugar content of twotypes kimchies were investigated during fermentation at 20 °C and 10 °C. In chinese cabbage kimchi at 20 °C fermentaion, the numbers of total viable cell, Leuconostoc sp. bacteria and Lactobacillus sp. bacteria reachedthe maximum level on 2nd day and reduced slowly. But in leek kimchi, the maximum numbers of total via-ble cells, Leuconostoc sp. bacteria and Lactobacillus sp. bacteria were obtained after 3 days fermentation,and the cell number of Lactobacillus sp. maintained at the maximum level oyer 15 days. At 10 °C fer-mentation, in both kimchies, the viable cell number of lactic acid bacteria more slowly increased anddecreased than at 20 °C. The pH of chinese cabbage kimchi was 4.2 on 3rd day (optimal ripening phase) andmere decreased to 3.5 after 5 days, but in leek kimci the pH 4.2 could be reached after 10 days at 20 °C. At 10 °C, the optimal ripening pH 4.2 of chinese cabbage kimchi was reached after 6 days, but in leek kimchieven though after 24 days, the pH was maintained oyer 4.3. The total sugar contents of chinese cabbage him-chi and leek kimci were decreased continuously during fermentation. From these results, we know that thefermentation of leek kimchi proceed more slowly than chinese cabbage kimchi by the retardation of lacticacid bacteria growing in leek kimchi.
leek kimchichinese cabbage kimchilactobacillusleuconostocfermentation
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