Anti-angiogenic activities of gliotoxin and its methylthioderivative, fungal metabolites

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Anti-angiogenic activities of gliotoxin and its methylthioderivative, fungal metabolites
Hee Jung Lee; Jeong Hyung Lee; Bang Yeon Hwang; Hang Sub Kim; Jung Joon Lee
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Archives of Pharmacal Research, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 397-401
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In the search for new naturally occurring angiogenic inhibitor, we found that culture broths from two unidentified fungal strains exerted potent inhibitory activities on capillary-like tube formation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) in vitro. Two active compounds were isolated by bioassay-guided separation and their structures were identified as gliotoxin (1) and its derivative methylthiogliotoxin (2) by spectroscopic analyses. These compounds significantly inhibited the migration of HUVEC assessed by in vitro wounding migration assay and exhibited at least 10 times more potent inhibition of proliferation of HUVECs as compared with that of cancer cell lines such as HeLa, MCF-7, and KB 3-1 cells. Especially, gliotoxin having disulfide group exerted more potent activities than methylthiogliotoxin, suggesting that gliotoxin could be a useful compound for further study as an anti-angiogenic agent.
anti-angiogenic activitycytotoxicitygliotoxinhuvecs. wound migrationmethylthiogliotoxin
Pharmaceutical Soc Korea
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