Genomic DNA sequence and transcription factor binding sites of mouse Ninjurin

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Genomic DNA sequence and transcription factor binding sites of mouse Ninjurin
Ae Ran Moon; Goo Taeg Oh; Jae Wha Kim; Young Jin Choi; In Seong Choe
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DNA Sequence, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 385-395
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The complete genomic DNA sequence of mouse ninjurin gene has been cloned and sequenced by screening a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library of mouse 129/SvJ genomic DNA. The mouse ninjurin gene comprises four exons and the translatable sequences are included in the first three exons. The putative promoter region of the mouse ninjurin gene lacks the consensus "CAAT" or "TATA" sequence. Nonetheless, it has demonstrated the promoter activity in transient transfection experiment using the construct containing putative promoter sequence of mouse ninjurin and reporter gene. The nucleotide sequence of the putative promoter region shows 83% homology with the corresponding DNA sequence of human ninjurin gene that had been previously reported, and reveals a high degree of conservation between the two species. Analysis of the DNA sequence identified the putative promoters and the binding sites for a variety of transcription factors of mouse ninjurin.
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