Molecular systematics of Korean cobitids based on mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence

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Molecular systematics of Korean cobitids based on mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence
So Young Kim; Chang-Bae Kim; Ik Soo Kim; Jong Young Park; Ho Yong Park
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Korean Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 45-51
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We compared the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences of Korean and European cobitids to provide independent evidence for assessment of systematic and biogeographic relationships of species in the genus Cobitis. The data suggested monophyly of the genus Cobitis and the inclusion of Korean Cobitis species within the group having one lamina circularis, a primitive condition. Also, all the phylogenetic analyses using maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and neighbor joining methods showed a monophyletic relationship among Cobitis. The basal position of the Caspian C. cf. sibirica reported here reflects the eastern Asiatic origin of the European Cobitis and establishes C. cf. sibirica as an independent lineage. The Korean C. pacifica diverged next to C. cf. sibirica in basal group from the genus Cobitis. This result is in agreement with the hypothesized Asiatic origin of some European freshwater fish lineages. The phylogenetic relationships in this study showed a close affinity between C. zanadreai and C. sinensis. Two new species, C. tetralineata and C. pacifica in Korea also are closely related to monophyletic group clustering the type species of the Acanestrinia subgenus (C. elongata) with all the endemic Italian species (C. bilineata and C. zanandreai). This may suggest that the affinity between the Korean and Danubian-Italian imply genetic convergence or genetic plesiomorphic state between allopatric species that are separated for the Miocene. The mtDNA-based phylogeny for the species of the genus Cobitis from Korea and Europe permits phylogenetic assessment of the morphological transitions of lamina circularis.
cobitismitochondrial cytochrome b genephylogenetic relationshipsecondary sexual dimorphism
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