Characterization of the monoclonal antibody specific to human S100A6 protein = 인체 S100A6 단백질에 특이한 단일클론 항체

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dc.description.abstractBackground: S100A6 is a calcium-binding protein overexpressed in several tumor cell lines including melanoma with high metastatic activity and involved in various cellular processes such as cell division and differentiation. To detect S100A6 protein in patient' samples (ex, blood or tissue), it is essential to produce a monoclonal antibody specific to the protein. Methods: First, cDNA coding for ORF region of human S100A6 gene was amplified and cloned into the expression vector for GST fusion protein. We have produced recombinant S100A6 protein and subsequently, monoclonal antibodies to the protein. The specificity of anti-S100A6 monoclonal antibody was confirmed using recombinant S100A recombinant proteins of other S100A family (GST-S100A1, GST-S100A2 and GST-S100A4) and the cell lysates of several human cell lines. Also, to identify the specific recognition site of the monoclonal antibody, we have performed the immunoblot analysis with serially deleted S100A6 recombinant proteins. Results: GST-S100A6 recombinant protein was induced and purified. And then S100A6 protein excluding GST protein was obtained and monoclonal antibody to the protein was produced. Monoclonal antibody (K02C12-1; patent number, 330311) has no cross-reaction to several other S100 family proteins. It appears that anti- S100A6 monoclonal antibody reacts with the region containing the amino acid sequence from 46 to 61 of S100A6 protein. Conclusion: These data suggest that anti-S100A6 monoclonal antibody produced can be very useful in development of diagnostic system for S100A6 protein.-
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dc.titleCharacterization of the monoclonal antibody specific to human S100A6 protein = 인체 S100A6 단백질에 특이한 단일클론 항체-
dc.title.alternativeCharacterization of the monoclonal antibody specific to human S100A6 protein-
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