Mechanisms of relaxant action of a pyranocoumarin from Peucedanum japonicum in isolated rat thoracic aorta

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Mechanisms of relaxant action of a pyranocoumarin from Peucedanum japonicum in isolated rat thoracic aorta
J W Lee; Tae Cheol Rho; Mun Chual Rho; Young Kook Kim; Hyun Sun Lee
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Planta Medica, vol. 68, no. 10, pp. 891-895
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The CHCl3-soluble fraction obtained from the MeOH extract of Peucedanum japonicum Thunb, inhibited phenylephrine-induced vasoconstriction in isolated rat thoracic aorta. We isolated a vasorelaxing compound, as one of the bioactive components, which was identified as (+)-cis-4′-O-acetyl-3′-O-angeloylkhellactone (1), a pyranocoumarin, and examined the mechanisms of vasorelaxant effect caused by 1. This compound (1) (10-6-10-4 M) concentration-dependently relaxed the isolated rat thoracic aorta pre-contracted with phenylephrine (PE). This vasorelaxant potency was diminished by endothelial removal (by 20%), L-NG- nitro-arginine or methylene blue (MB), but not indomethacin treatment. These findings indicate that the vasorelaxant effect of 1 was partially endothelium dependent and mediated by nitric oxide and cyclic GMP pathway. To determine if the effect of 1 was mediated through the activation of some of the receptors known to lead to vascular relaxation, the effects of atropine, triprolidine and propranolol were determined. 1-induced vasorelaxation was not affected by atropine, triprolidine and propranolol. Compound 1 inhibited high potassium (80 mM)-induced, calcium-dependent contractions in a concentration-dependent manner. But it slightly relaxed the rat aorta precontracted with PE in the presence of nifedipine, a blocker of voltage-operated calcium channels. Tetraethylammonium (TEA, a non-specific K+ channel blocker) did not affect the vasodilatory effect of 1 against PE-induced contraction. Mechanisms of the vasorelaxant effect of 1 were multiple, including endothelium dependence and Ca2+ channel blockade.
(+)-cis-4′-O- acetyl-3′O-angeloylkhellactonePeucedanum japonicum ThunbUmbelliferaeVasorelaxation (rat aorta)
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