Halobacillus salinus sp. nov., isolated from a salt lake on the coast of the East Sea in Korea

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Halobacillus salinus sp. nov., isolated from a salt lake on the coast of the East Sea in Korea
Jung-Hoon Yoon; K H Kang; Yong Ha Park
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International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 687-693
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A Gram-positive, rod-shaped, endospore-forming, halophilic bacterium (strain HSL-3T) was isolated from a salt lake near Hwajinpo beach on the East Sea in Korea and was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. Strain HSL-3T grew optimally in the presence of 2-10% (w/v) NaCl. Strain HSL-3T showed poor growth in the absence of NaCl and grew in the presence of less than 23% NaCl. The cell wall peptidoglycan type of strain HSL-3T was A4β based on L-Orn-D-Asp. The predominant menaquinone found in strain HSL-3T was menaquinone-7 (MK-7). Strain HSL-3T had a cellular fatty acid profile containing large amounts of branched fatty acids; the major fatty acids were anteiso-C15:0, iso-C15:0 and iso-C16:0. The DNA G + C content of strain HSL-3T was 45 mol%. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rDNA sequences showed that strain HSL-3T falls within the radiation of the cluster comprising Halobacillus species. Strain HSL-3T exhibited levels of 16S rDNA similarity of 97.4-98.4% to the type strains of Halobacillus species. Levels of DNA-DNA relatedness between strain HSL-3T and the type strains of all validly named Halobacillus species were in the range 7.3-9.2%. On the basis of phenotypic and phylogenetic data and the genomic distinctiveness, strain HSL-3T (= KCCM 41590T = JCM 11546T) should be placed in the genus Halobacillus as the type strain of a novel species, for which the name Halobacillus salinus sp. nov. is proposed.
Microbiology Soc
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