Improved production of teicoplanin using adsorbent resin in fermentations

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Improved production of teicoplanin using adsorbent resin in fermentations
Jae-Chan Lee; Hae Ryong Park; Dong Jin park; Hyang Burm Lee; Y B Kim; Chang-Jin Kim
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Letters in Applied Microbiology, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 196-200
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Aims: To use adsorbent resins in fermentations to eliminate toxic effects on growth, reduce feedback repression of production and assist in recovery of teicoplanin. Methods and Results: An adsorbent resin was added to the culture broth for the adsorption of teicoplanin. Amberlite XAD-16, Diaion HP-20, charcoal and silica gel were investigated as adsorbent resins. The adsorbed teicoplanin was extracted from the resin by 80% methanol after fermentation. Antibiotic activity was quantified by the disc-agar diffusion assay against Bacillus subtilis, and qualitative evaluations were based on HPLC using YMC-Pack ODS-A column. Diaion HP-20 was the most effective adsorbent resin when added at a concentration of 5% (w/v) in the inoculation stage. Conclusions: Addition of Diaion HP-20 in fermentations eliminated toxic effects on growth and reduced feedback repression of teicoplanin by adsorption. There was a 4.2-fold increase in the quantities of teicoplanin. Addition of adsorbent assisted in the recovery of teicoplanin by reducing the recovery steps. Significance and Impact of the Study: The results of this study provide useful information for the production of teicoplanin, a glycopeptide antibiotic produced by Actinoplanes teicomyceticus. Addition of adsorbent in fermentation increased productivity of teicoplanin by more than five times.
Actinoplanes teicomyceticusAdsorbent resinDiaion HP-20FermentationTeicoplanin
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