Protein-protein interaction networks: from interactions to networks

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Protein-protein interaction networks: from interactions to networks
Sayeon Cho; Sung Goo Park; Do Hee Lee; Byoung Chul Park
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BMB Reports, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 45-52
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The goal of interaction proteomics that studies the protein-protein interactions of all expressed proteins is to understand biological processes that are strictly regulated by these interactions. The availability of entire genome sequences of many organisms and high-throughput analysis tools has led scientists to study the entire proteome (Pandey and Mann, 2000). There are various high-throughput methods for detecting protein interactions such as yeast two-hybrid approach and mass spectrometry to produce vast amounts of data that can be utilized to decipher protein functions in complicated biological networks. In this review, we discuss recent developments in analytical methods for large-scale protein interactions and the future direction of interaction proteomics.
InteractionMass spectrometryNetworkYeast two-hybridProteomics
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