Selection of high ginsenoside producing ginseng hairy root lines using targeted metabolic analysis

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Selection of high ginsenoside producing ginseng hairy root lines using targeted metabolic analysis
S S Woo; J S Song; J Y Lee; D S In; Hwa-Jee Chung; Jang Ryol Liu; D W Choi
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Phytochemistry, vol. 65, no. 20, pp. 2751-2761
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Ginseng hairy root lines which varied significantly in ginsenoside production were selected by principle component analysis and ginsenoside profiling using LC/MS and HPLC-UV analyses. To develop an experimental system for studying ginsenoside biosynthesis, we generated thousands of ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) hairy roots, genetically transformed roots induced by Agrobacterium rhizogenes, and analyzed the ginsenosides in the samples. 27 putative ginsenosides were detected in ginseng hairy roots. Quantitative and qualitative variations in the seven major ginsenosides were profiled in 993 ginseng hairy root lines using LC/MS and HPLC-UV. Cluster analysis of metabolic profiling data enabled us to select hairy root lines, which varied significantly in ginsenoside production. We selected hairy root lines producing total ginsenoside contents 4-5 times higher than that of a common hairy root population, as well as lines that varied in the ratio of the protopanaxadiol to protopanaxatriol type ginsenoside. Some of the hairy root lines produce only a single ginsenoside in relatively high amounts. These metabolites represent the end product of gene expression, thus metabolic profiling can give a broad view of the biochemical status or biochemical phenotype of a hairy root line that can be directly linked to gene function.
araliaceae, hairy root ginsenoside biosynthesismetabolic profilingpanax ginseng
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