cDNA microarray analysis of the gene expression profile of swine muscle

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cDNA microarray analysis of the gene expression profile of swine muscle
C W Kim; Kyu Tae Chang; Y H Hong; W Y Jung; E J Kwon; K K Cho; K H Chung; B W Kim; J G Lee; J S Yeo; Y S Kang; Y K Joo
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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, vol. 18, no. 8, pp. 1080-1087
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By screening specific genes related to the muscle growth of swine using cDNA microarray technology, a total of 5 novel genes (GF (growth factor) I, II, III, IV and V) were identified. Results of southern blotting to investigate the number of copies of these genes in the genome of swine indicated that GF I, GF III, and GF V existed as one copy and GF II, and GF IV existed as more than two copies. It was suggested that there are many isoforms of these genes in the genome of swine. Also, results of northern blotting to investigate whether these genes were expressed in grown muscle, using GF I, III, and V indicated that all the genes were much more expressed in the muscle of swine with body weight of 90 kg. Expression patterns of these genes in other organs, namely muscle and propagation and fat tissues, were investigated by extracting RNA from the tissues. These genes were not expressed in the propagation and fat tissues, but were expressed in the muscle tissue. To determine the mechanism of muscle growth, further studies should be preceded using the 3 specific genes related to muscle growth, that is GF I, III, and V.
cDNA microarrayexpression profilesmuscle genesswine
Asian-Australasian Assoc Animal Production Soc
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