Patome: Database of patented bio-sequences = 특허 서열 데이터베이스

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Patome: Database of patented bio-sequences = 특허 서열 데이터베이스
Seon-Kyu KimByungUk Lee
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Genomics & Informatics, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 94-97
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We have built a database server called Patome which contains the annotation information for patented bio-sequences from the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). The aims of the Patome are to annotate Korean patent bio-sequences and to provide information on patent relationship of public database entries. The patent sequences were annotated with Reference Sequence (RefSeq) or NCBI’s nr database. The raw patent data and the annotated data were stored in the database. Annotation information can be used to determine whether a particular RefSeq ID or NCBI’s nr ID is related to Korean patent. Patome infrastructure consists of three componentsthe database itself, a sequence data loader, and an online database query interface. The database can be queried using submission number, organism, title, applicant name, or accession number. Patome can be accessed at The information will be updated every two months.
Korean patent bio-sequencespatomeannotationweb service
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