Effect of gibberellin on the shape of potato (Solanum tuberosum) microtubers

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Effect of gibberellin on the shape of potato (Solanum tuberosum) microtubers
Hyun Soon Kim; S W Park; Jae Heung Jeon; Hyouk Joung
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Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology, vol. 46, no. 5, pp. 295-299
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The effect of gibberellin and its inhibitors to the shape of potato microtubers by using an in vitro tuberization system was investigated. Tuber shape was studied using the length/width (L/W) ratio as a trait value. The microtubers produced by in vitro culture of the cultivars ‘Red Pontiac’ and ‘Superior’ were round shaped, and the cultivars ‘Shepordy’ and ‘Dejima’ were oval and round oval shaped. In the case of ‘Superior’, tuberization was inhibited by the addition of gibberellin (GA3) to the tuberization medium and shapes of microtubers were shifted from round (L/W, 1.08) to oblong (L/W, 2.05) at 0.1 mg·L.1 concentration. The shape of microtubers of ‘Red Pontiac’ was also changed from round (L/W, 0.99) to round oval (L/W, 1.4) by the treatment of GA3 at 0.1 mg·L.1. In vitro tuber formation from ‘Shepordy’ and ‘Dejima’ was promoted by the treatment of 500 mg·L.1 chlorocholine chloride (CCC) and 200 mg·L.1 paclobutrazol (PBZ). With the CCC treatment, the tuber shapes of ‘Dejima’ and ‘Shepordy’ were shifted from round oval (L/W, 1.33) to round (L/W, 1.07) and from oval (L/W, 1.72) to round oval (L/W, 1.42), respectively. This tendency was more apparent with the PBZ treatment; the L/W ratios of ‘Dejima’ and ‘Shepordy’ tubers were 0.99 and 1.19, respectively. These results indicate that gibberellin inhibitors not only promote tuber induction but also change tuber into a round shape. We propose that GA3 plays a crucial role in determining tuber shape of potato during tuber development.
chlorocholine chloridein vitro tuberizationpaclobutrazolplant growth regulators
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