Development of a meta-information system for microbial resources

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Development of a meta-information system for microbial resources
JaeWoo Yu; W Chung; T-K Sohn; Yong Ha Park; H Kim
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Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 178-183
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Microbes are one of the most important bioresources in bioindustry and provide high economic values. Although there are currently about 6,000 bacterial species with validly published names, microbiologists generally assume that the number may account for less than 1% of the bacterial species present on Earth. To discover the remaining species, studies of metagenomes, metabolomes, and proteomes related to microbes have recently been carried out in various fields. We have constructed an information system that integrates various data on microbial resources and manages bioinformation to support efficient research of microorganisms. We have designated this system "Bio-Meta Information System (Bio-MIS)." Bio-MIS consists of an integrated microbial resource database, a microbial resource input system, an integrated microbial resource search engine, a microbial resource online distribution system, a portal service, and management via the Internet. In the future, this system is expected to be connected with various public databases. We plan to implement useful bioinformatics software for analyzing microbial genome resources. The Web site is accessible at
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