Antitumor activity of the novel human cytokine AIMP1 in an in vivo tumor medel

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Antitumor activity of the novel human cytokine AIMP1 in an in vivo tumor medel
Y S Lee; J M Han; T Kang; Y I Park; Hwan Mook Kim; S Kim
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Molecules and Cells, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 213-217
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Although AIMP1 (previously known as p43) is one of three auxiliary proteins bound to a macromolecular aminoacyl tRNA complex, it is also secreted as a cytokine controlling both angiogenesis and immune responses. Here we show that systemically administered purified recombinant human AIMP1 had anti-tumor activity in mouse xenograft models. In Meth A-bearing Balb/c mice, tumor volume increased about 28 fold in the vehicle treatment group, while an increase of about 16.7 fold was observed in the AIMP1-treated group. We also evaluated the anti-tumor activity of AIMP1 in combination with a sub-clinical dose of the cytotoxic anti-tumor drug, paclitaxel. The growth of NUGC-3 human stomach cancer cells was suppressed by 84% and 94% by the combinations of 5 mg/kg paclitaxel + 25 mg/kg AIMP1 (p = 0.03), and 5 mg/kg paclitaxel + 50 mg/kg AIMP1 (p = 0.02), respectively, while 5 mg/kg paclitaxel alone suppressed growth by only 54% (p = 0.02). A similar cooperative effect of AIMP1 and paclitaxel was observed in a lung cancer xenograft model. These results suggest that AIMP1 may be useful as a novel anti-tumor agent.
AIMP1angiogenesisanticancerEMAP IIp43tumor
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